Lavochkin La-15 in 1/48 by Mars models

Mars Models are set to brought us some really exciting news this year. Among them is the beautiful La-15.

Originated as a MiG-15 competitor, the aircraft saw a small production run before it was cancelled due to the narrow main landing gear, which made it unsuitable for use on unprepared runways. It saw little service in the Korean war where it established itself as a highly maneuverable aircraft, but due to the problems with its landing gear it didn’t become popular with the pilots.

There is still no actual release date, just few 3D renders and the box art for it. It looks promising and I hope to get one of these for a review and build.




Even the interior looks promising, and if not on par with modern standards (or modeler’s expectations) I think that someone like NH Detail will come to the rescue.

M1117, pt.3

Slow, but steady progress here.

Turret is almost done, what is left are the prisms of the vision blocks and the armament, but they will be attached once the painting is completed. No major problems here, everything went together well.

As I’m closing the build stage I need some more reference material as it looks like that the vehicles used in Afghanistan are modified in order to respond to the challenges of their mission so I’m now back to the research stage.

Bulgarian M1117, ISAF

Bulgarian M1117, ISAF

Bulgarian M1117, ISAF

Bulgarian M1117, ISAF

M1117 Guardian, pt. 2

Well, after a not so long wait I received some of the AM products for my Bulgarian ISAF Guardian.

As you can see these are decals by Echelon Fine Decals as well as mirrors by the same producer. It’ll be my first time to use such mirrors, as to this moment I tend so spray Alclad polished aluminum.



I haven’t done much to the construction, but I hope that within the following days I’ll be able to build the turret and suspension.

Thanks for stopping by! See you next time!

AFV’s Husky Follow-up

Few months after AFV Club unveiled their new project – Husky VMMD, an official, yet not finished build of the model emerged on their FB page. So here is a photo of what’s about to hit the shelves:

I hope it will be available on time for Christmas… I need something new for the stash.




ZU-57-2 by Trumpeter… 1/35 of course

Few hours ago Trumpeter has announced the answer of the last guessing game and it’s ZU-57-2. The anti-aircraft system is well known by its participation in the Vietnam war and other local conflicts and should prove to be popular subject among modelers.

It’s great to see that Trumpeter didn’t fall for the Shilka hysteria started by Meng and Hong models, but instead did something unexpected by the public. Good move! Now we wait to see what they’ll bring to our stashes in coming months. Stay tuned!



P-51D Laminar wing and scale models

It’s a question old as the Mustang itself: “Should I fill the panel lines on the wing or not?”

Today I uploaded an album to the flickr account with thirtheen pictures trying to tell you the truth. I won’t comment any further on whether you should do this or not – in the end, it is up to you to decide what you gonna do to your model as it is an easy fix. Just like on the real plane.

Happy modelling!

Armata rising

2015 proved to be a taught one for the modeling companies. And what made it even harder was the official reveal of the new Russian main battle tank – T-14 Armata. On May 9, 2015 this new tank passed through the Red Square and for the first time since the 70s Russia had something new to offer. As the tank was kept in secrecy until the end of February this year there was some real surge among the scale modeling community. Some liked it, others – hated it. No matter what this new toy is here to stay.

So, it was just a matter of “We must be the first!”  to have this kit in scale. First were Cromwell models and W-models. Both in 1/72 resin, multimedia kits with accordingly high prices (about 50 euro). And just as many of us were ready to give them our money Takom decided to jump straight to the subject and announced a plastic one in… 1/35. Of course, some rants went on-line bragging about the stupidity behind this move – to make a prototype vehicle. Regardless of the public opinion they went ahead and the model is already available.

And now 6 months after the premier of the real Armata we have not one but 5 kits – two resins, one plastic in 1/72 by  Modelcollect and the one in 1/35 by Takom. So which one is the other one – Panda also took this course and is working on a kit in 1/35.





May be the bigger surprise came again from Russia when Zvezda announced that they have an agreement with UralVagonZavod (UVZ – the makers of the real Armata) to reproduce a licensed copy of the tank, based on the SERIAL machine.

The battle is ready to start and 2016 should be also very interesting with Zvezda releasing their around the end of the next year. In the meantime I think that now is the time to be in this hobby. We have the unique opportunity to study the development of the newest piece of equipment in the world not only behind our screens but also by building it.


1/48 Dassault Super-Etendard by Avantgarde Model Kits

Just a few days after the good guys at Kinetic’s headquarters showed us some test build samples of their Super Etendard a bunch of other good guys announced their own plans for a new tooling of the iconic french aircraft. Here is the announcement at FB:


Macau authorises news of the following kit release:

1/48 Dassault Super-Etendard.

With one piece Exocet, Air-to-Air missiles and other highly detailed options.

Our access to this aircraft has been unprecedented! In fact, we have our friends currently assigned to one of the actual Falklands fighters involved in the conflict of 1982. No one can say that. The aircraft was taken apart for us to delve deep into her internals.

Serious point though: We all know how painful war is for everyone involved directly and indirectly. We take no sides and will expect no political posts here please. Whether you call them the Falkland Islands or Malvinas, we respect you.”

The political side of this aside it’s a great news. For now Avantgarde seems committed to produce high quality, extremely detailed kits, so let’s hope that this one is no exception.

Stay tuned for more.

Shilka follow-up

As a part 2 of the new Shilka kit appearance here comes the proposed camouflage schemes.



There are 6 schemes and as the chinese tradition dictates no info on the operators and period is provided. At least we can say there will be Soviet, Iraqi, DGR and Syrian one.

As I already put a preorder for this kit stay tuned for what’s in the box.